Liveblogging the apostasy is now as easy as 1-2-3: Pics and vids, no words needed!

UPDATE 15:50 MST 19/10/19: How in the world did I miss this one? “Burning sage ceremony.”

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It’s now to the point where one doesn’t have to pick and choose what to write about, nor even need to write anything at all. Just cut and paste tweets and official news reports from the usurped Vatican, and watch the VISIBILITY of it all grow each day.

The material below is all from the past 48 hours.

Pope Francis on Friday inaugurated the “Anima Mundi” Ethnological Museum and the Amazonia Exhibition at the Vatican Museums. By Robin Gomes HERE

“Beauty unites us. It invites us to live human brotherhood,  countering the culture of resentment, racism and nationalism which is always lurking.”  Pope Francis made the point Friday evening while inaugurating the “Anima Mundi” Ethnological Museum and the Amazonia Exhibition at the Vatican Museums.
“May this Ethnological Museum preserve its specific identity over time and remind everyone of the value of harmony and peace between peoples and nations,” he wished, hoping that its art collection will “make the voice of God resound in those who visit this collection”.
The inauguration of the museum and the exhibition were timed for the October 6-27 Synod for the Pan-Amazon Region, currently taking place in the Vatican.

Anima Mundi (Latin) World-soul, world-mother; the divine-spiritual-astral-physical source of life and animating principle of all beings. Corresponds to Isis, Bhakti, Shekinah, Sophia, Maria, Ruah, Alaya. The root of the word “Anima” is ‘Anu’, which means ‘atom’ and ‘essence’ in Sanskrit. ‘Anas’ means whiff of air, breath, soul, exhalation.

The concept of the world soul is universal. Anima Mundi extends cross religions, cross times, across cultures and gender. She has a feminine feel, but in essence she is androgynous – on the landscape of creation she stands before the separation into divine feminine and masculine, anima and animus. She is whole. She connects heights and depths, the spirit and the flesh. She is a hidden reservoir of the planet’s past and future, which contains images, memories, mythologies – collective wisdom of all.

As desire for life, love and inspiration, she is diffused throughout all nature, including every cell in your body and every atom in the universe. HERE

“Our Mother Earth”: Pope Francis’ New Book


Pope Francis’ new book, “Our Mother Earth,” will be published by the Vatican Publishing House [Libreria Editrice Vaticana] on October 24, 2019, reported Vatican News.

With a Prologue written by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, the work is a compilation of the addresses, messages and homilies in which Pope Francis refers to the defense of the environment and appeals for the promotion of a worthy life for all peoples.

Among all the included documents, is an unpublished text of the Holy Father, in which he requests that we ask forgiveness for all the harm caused to our planet.

Forgiveness and Repentance

Although the book won’t be published until next Thursday, the 24th, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has published extracts of the Pontiff’s book reproduced by the Vatican Publishing House.

In one of the extracts, the Holy Father says that without people’s true repentance about their lifestyle, the fight for the protection of the environment will be futile. “I sincerely hope for growth in awareness and true repentance on the part of us all, men and women of the 21st century, believers or not, and on the part of our societies, for allowing ourselves to be carried away by logics that divide, create hunger, isolate and condemn. It would be good to ask the poor <and> the excluded for forgiveness. Then we could repent sincerely, including for the harm done to the earth, the sea, the air, the animals . . . “

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Note well that the “priestess” is holding a bishop in white, wearing an inverted cross.

If you don’t know by heart the Confession times of your three closest churches, then you don’t understand the serious of the situation.  Start preparing yourself for how much worse this is going to get. Think about yourself and your family.

Every wretched thing is now hatching out of the Roman sewer. We are talking about real demons here, and it seems more likely every day that this really might be the run up to the Big Show. Get confessed, stay confessed, daily Mass, daily Rosary, prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots, and as many litanies as you can muster.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Blessed Mary, Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us. Saint Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.


“We will penetrate into the heart of the papal court, from which no one can chase us away anymore, until we have broken the reign of the Pope.”

“Freemasonry aims at blaspheming God and, in its fight against the Decalogue, opposes each Commandment with an anti-law, in order to bring people, with the help of their vices, to worship idols.” – Communio veritatis, 13 October 2019

Remember, Satan is incapable of creating anything. So his game is anti-creation, which means anti-reality, anti-law, inversion of truth, and tricking people into believing that lies are truth. What is playing out in plain sight is not just the abolition of the Decalogue, but rather the inversion of the Decalogue, starting with the First Commandment: Worshiping “Mother Earth,” our lady of the Amazonian lifeforce, menstrual blood face-painted chanting shamans, suckling piglets for the circle of life, processing INTO SAINT PETER’S with elevated idols.

The true God is not their god. They worship a false god. They are enemies of the true God.

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The following excerpt is from a declaration/warning from a group of German priests (the Communio veritatis group, Archdiocese of Paderborn), as translated by Maike Hickson. HERE

“Another portent appeared in heaven: a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads” (Apoc. 12:3). With the October Revolution, the adversary also appears in the same year, 1917, on the stage of world history. The fiery red dragon represents the atheistic Communism, which aims at destroying faith in God. In this battle, two animals come to the aid of the dragon.

“And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads; and on its horns were ten diadems, and on its heads were blasphemous names. And the beast that I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And the dragon gave it his power and his throne and great authority (Apoc. 13:1–2). This black animal is Freemasonry. It hides itself in a shadowy way so that it can enter everywhere without being recognized. The aim of this black animal is that the people do not walk the path of Grace and of salvation as given by God. Freemasonry aims at blaspheming God and, in its fight against the Decalogue, opposes each Commandment with an anti-law, in order to bring people, with the help of their vices, to worship idols.

“Then I saw another beast that rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and it makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast” (Apoc. 13:11–12). The animal which is similar to a lamb is the ecclesial Freemasonry which has entered the inside of the Church — especially its hierarchy. Its goal is to overcome the Catholic Church from within. It wants — and also even attains it for a short time — to create an idol — a false christ and a false church.

In 1917, Saint Maximilian Kolbe witnessed the march of the Freemasons on St. Peter’s Square in Rome, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the foundation [of Freemasonry]. The Apostle of the Immaculata read their express plan on one of their banners: “Satan has to reign in the Vatican, the Pope will be his slave!” Twenty years earlier, this very goal had also been approved by the Grand Lodge Grand Orient from Paris at the Congress of Freemasons in Basel: “We will penetrate into the heart of the papal court, from which no one can chase us away anymore, until we have broken the reign of the Pope.”

The program of the enemy…has been described…as follows: “The substitution of the Roman papacy with a ‘pluri-confessional’ pontificate, which is capable of adapting to a universal (polyvalent) ecumenism.” The enemy wanted to attain this by way of an infiltrating long march through the hierarchy, as Manfred Adler reveals it in his book The Anti-Christian Revolution of Freemasonry: “Here, however, it is important to see that all these destructive thoughts are secretly aiming at one unified goal, that is to say, to create the Counter-Church or the ‘New’ Church” (p. 71).

Antichurch and antipope.

There is a bunch more over at LSN. Click the link up top and read it all.


The worst kept secret is finally out!

“Whoever has had, as I have happened several times, the luck of meeting him and speaking to him with the utmost cultural confidence, knows that Pope Francis (sic) conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, man, not God incarnate. Once incarnated, Jesus ceases to be a God and becomes a man until his death on the cross. The proof that confirms this reality and creates a Church that is completely different from the others is proved by some episodes which deserve to be remembered. The first is what happens in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus goes after the Last Supper. The apostles who are a few meters from him hear him pray to God with words that were at one time reported by Simon Peter: “Lord – said Jesus – if you can remove this bitter chalice from me, please do it, but if you can’t or you don’t want me to drink it all the way ». He was arrested by Pontius Pilate’s guards just outside of that garden.

Another episode, also well known, occurs when Jesus is already crucified and once again repeats himself and is listened to by the apostles and by the women who are kneeling at the foot of the cross: «Lord, you have abandoned me».
When I happened to discuss these sentences, Pope Francis (sic) told me: “They are the demonstrable proof that Jesus of Nazareth, once he became a man, might have been a man of exceptional virtues, but he was not a God at all”.” HERE

The thing that really caught my attention about all this, besides the not-so-surprising part about an antipope being an arch-heretic, was Scalfari’s first sentence. Did you miss that? Let me clean it up for you:

Whoever has had the luck of…speaking to him…knows that Pope Francis (sic) conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, man, not God incarnate.”

Got that? Antipope Bergoglio denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, and everyone knows it. This claim is what makes Scalfari’s account so credible. In fact it almost seems like an attempt to diffuse the bombshell. “Hey, what I’m about to say sounds like breaking news, but guess what… everybody already knows!”

Not that you really even need to ask him about it.

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Or maybe it’s just situational knee/hip dysplasia.


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Tell me more about how it’s all oh so confusing; if only there were some visible sign…

How about moving the demon worship from the Vatican gardens inside… inside St. Peter’s…

Three years ago, this was considered satire



VATICAN CITY—In an effort to strengthen their relationship and foster interfaith dialogue, Pope Francis reportedly welcomed the winged Mayan snake god Kukulkan to the Vatican this week as part of a month-long deity exchange program. “We are excited to have the War Serpent staying here with us for the next four weeks, during which time he’ll be exposed to the rituals and customs of the Catholic Church, so that when he returns home he can share the experience with his adherents in Chichén Itzá and the surrounding Yucután communities,” said Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke, noting that the pontiff had taken Kukulkan out for pizza on the first night of the exchange before showing him around some of Rome’s most famous landmarks. “Once Kukulkan gets settled in, the pope plans to let him answer some basic prayers on his own, as well as try performing a transubstantiation or two. And perhaps toward the end of his stay, if he’s feeling up to it, Kukulkan can treat us all to an authentic human sacrifice.” Vatican sources confirmed that as part of the exchange, God Almighty, Our Heavenly Father, would be spending the next month with the Taoist thunder god Lei Gong in the cloud kingdom over Tibet.

Confirmed from a second source: “Benedict is Pope” is now the consensus in Rome

As Voris first reported last week, Taylor Marshall now confirms. Both of them were on the ground in Rome last week for the Roundtable. Both have now reported that this is the talk of the town.

Truth is not determined by popular vote. Truth is determined by evidence and facts. From the sounds of it, the majority have arrived at their opinion out of disbelief that Bergoglio can be pope, inasmuch as he demonstrates daily to be lacking the promised Petrine protections. Let’s hope everyone soon examines the mountain of evidence as to why this is so, due to the invalid resignation of still Pope Benedict.

Fast and pray! Things are happening, big time.

Below is Ann’s reportage on this. If the video does not play here, click over to her site.


Taylor Marshall Confirms Voris: “Everybody’s Going ‘Beneplenist’, They Think Benedict is Still Pope”

The truth isn’t a democracy, but Marshall, just back from Rome, confirms Voris.

Pray the Matthew 17:20 initiative with me. Patience. Persistence. Faith. CHARITY.

Your time stamp here is 18:15

“Daring Prudence” and other diabolical means to guide the demon synod


This is so diabolical. “New” and “renew” are actually more like antonyms than synonyms. I shall explain.

But first:

Pope Francis (sic) warned the 185 prelates taking part against being “smothered by the ashes of fear and concern” in defense of the church’s status quo.

In a homily for the opening Mass of the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon region, which will continue through Oct. 27, the pontiff (sic) said that while Catholic prelates are called to be prudent, they are also called to be open to the possibility of new things.

“Prudence is not indecision; it is not a defensive attitude,” the pope (sic) told the bishops gathered in St. Peter’s Basilica. “It is the virtue of the pastor who, in order to serve with wisdom, is able to discern, to be receptive to the newness of the Spirit.”

“Rekindling our gift in the fire of the Spirit is the opposite of letting things take their course without doing anything,” said Francis, asking that God would give the prelates attending the meeting a “daring prudence … to renew the paths of the church.” HERE


Prudence, one of the four Cardinal Virtues, is “an intellectual habit enabling us to see in any given juncture of human affairs what is virtuous and what is not, and how to come at the one and avoid the other…Its function is to point out which course of action is to be taken in any round of concrete circumstances.” HERE

There is nothing “daring” about Prudence. If anything, “daring” is directly opposed to it. But hey, what else have we come to expect, except buckets of diabolical inversion of truth? Get yourself right with the Angelic Doctor, and learn all about Prudence HERE. Note especially that Prudence does NOT belong to speculative reason (II-II:47:2).

So now, how are we to understand the difference between “renew” and “new?”  These words are being used as synonyms in order to confuse you.

To renew something means to restore it to its former state, to transform a thing back to its original purpose/meaning/quality. It is a restoration: to make something like it was when it was new, because over time it had deformed in some way. Jesus brought a lot of renewal when he came, restoring the law and restoring our own chance for redemption. His victory over the Cross, over Original Sin and fallen human nature, as ransom for each of our personal sins, is literally the restoration par excellence.

In contrast, “New” means…. new. Something that never existed before. See the difference?

There is no such thing as “new,” as it relates to God. To suggest that the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Triune Godhead, is capable of change, or newness of some kind, is heresy. How do we know God doesn’t change? Because time is a construct.  Time was created by God, just like all the material dimensions were created by God.  God exists outside of time.  Change cannot occur without the element of linear time. Furthermore, God is perfect. Since it is impossible to improve upon perfection, there cannot suddenly be something new about God. But what if +Hummes didn’t mean God is new, he meant we should seek something of God that is new TO US?  Well, it’s also impossible for there to be something newly revealed, because divine revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle. If it were otherwise, we could never know if/when we had the full deposit of faith.

So ++Hummes calling Jesus “Christ the new,” and claiming “Christ is what is new,” and “we must not fear newness”… this is heretical anti-reality, folks.

But what about that powerful quote from the Passion movie, where Christ says, “Behold, I make all things new?” Glad you asked! That line is actually not from the Passion, but rather it was taken from Revelation 21:5, where the subject at hand is the Beatific Vision, which is described figuratively as the New Heaven and New Earth and New Jerusalem (Rev 21:1-2).

Now if you look at what Cardinal Hummes said, and what antipope Bergoglio taught at the top of this post, what should we expect to see over the next three weeks of the Amazonian Synod? For starters, we can expect that any proposals which are “daring and new” will be given pride of place, regardless of their merit, because being daring and new automatically lends greater weight in the anti-magisterium of the anti-church… the substance or essence of the thing being proposed being only a secondary consideration. Radical change is the prime directive. Remember that satan’s realm is anti-reality.

I am proposing a small prayer petition for the duration of the synod. It is a prayer against newness, novelty, modernity, cha cha cha changes. Simply tack it onto your morning prayer, your evening prayer, or your daily Rosary. You ARE praying your daily Rosary, aren’t you?

We could call it, “Immutability: The Malachi 3:6/Hebrews 13:8 Initiative.”

Except that’s really clunky sounding, so let’s just read out the text:

“I am the LORD, and I change not. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Newness is so 1968. Hippie Jesuits, let them be anathema.