There is an epidemic of teacher sex abuse of minors…..

Isn’t it curious how the MSM never reports on this. Maybe because it is largely females abusing males as well as homosexuals of both sexes acting as the abusers. Some good commentary by veneremurcernui and links to another blog with the citations. What I don’t see mentioned in either place is where all this is headed: The agitprop will soon turn toward — wait for — TOLERANCE. Lowering of the age of consent, normalization of more and more radically perverse lifestyles, etc.

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……and quite incredibly, it is, for the first time (that is known), involving nearly as many women abusers as men.  In fact, it could be more women than men.  Such is the state of the culture today.

Robert Stacy McCain has done yeoman’s work over the past several months identifying and cataloging this epidemic of abuse in the public school system.  The rate at which students are being abused by teachers – nationwide, there are typically multiple allegations every week – far eclipses anything that has ever been claimed against the Catholic Church.  At present, it seems hundreds of students, and quite possibly thousands, are being abused by teachers – every year.  Where is the scandal?  Where is the nonstop media coverage?  Where are the calls for investigations?  Where the calls for reform?

Most of all, where are the lawsuits?  Oh, I forgot……most states, if not all of them, have…

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