3x as much spent on “War on Poverty” than all US wars combined

Poverty is so dang expensive.

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This is pretty interesting.  And it dates from 2010, I’m sure the imbalance is even worse now.

According to a study performed by the Congressional Research Service – the best of all the Congressional accountability organizations, by far, and the least politicized – the United States government spent $20 trillion between 1965 and 2010 on the “War on Poverty” – socialistic wealth transfer payments, subsidies, etc.  Far, far less has been spent on all the real wars this nation has ever fought:

“Since the beginning of the War on Poverty, government has spent $19.8 trillion (in inflation-adjusted 2011 dollars) on means-tested welfare.[NOTE: This does not include Social Security, or Medicare, nor disability.  Just direct payments to non-elderly individuals capable of work.  That works out to $444 billion each year, in FY2011 dollars, for each of the 45 years.] In comparison, the cost of all military wars in U.S. history…

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