Cardinal Baldisseri confirms Pope Francis directed inclusion of heterodox statements in Synod final “Relatio”

Maybe the Pollyannas will FINALLY start to get it, and get on the right side.

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Via 1 Peter Five, confirmation of what we’ve already known from Pope Francis’ right hand man at the Synod.  This confirmation apparently also came out of the conclave featuring many leading family associations held at the Vatican recently, which I discussed in a post yesterday:

Cardinal Baldisseri called the 300 conference participants, representing 80 different organizations, to enter into the synod process by reflecting on the preparatory document, called the Lineamenta. The document contains the final report from last October’s preparatory assembly (the Extraordinary Synod of 2014), together with 46 questions intended to facilitate its reception and examine the themes treated in it.

The Secretary General of the Synod called participants to consider carefully how devoted Catholic families can help those who are not living the “fullness of Christian marriage.” The mission of the organizations assembled, he suggested, could be deepened by evangelization efforts to those in irregular marital situations…

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