3 thoughts on “What kind of man thinks like this?

  1. What, indeed, can be done with a Pope who is obviously in LA LA LAND??!! Who says something as outrageous as this indeed?! You can’t possibly make this stuff up!!! When I first read about this, I thought it was an offensively grotesque spoof on ‘fake news’. He is ‘unhinged’ on so many levels, and…………………….he’s sitting in the chair of Peter……..God help us, alien demons have taken over in Rome!!

  2. Something is so wrong here. Responsible, serious, NORMAL people, let alone Catholics (let alone Popes!), do not speak and explain things using such terms.

  3. “Unhinged” is the only word I’m coming up with right now.

    “Evil’ is the one that keeps coming up for me.

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