Nothing to see here, folks #18,977

He’s no different than BXVI or JPII, see? He does all the same things, just moar better. Out in the open, you know. But he’s no different, and certainly no False Prophet, so stop with your schism and shut up, they explained.

Oh wait, it turns out that actual schism gets you… Goodies! And certainly not symbolic or earth shattering or anything like that.

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — In what Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople described as a “brave and bold” gesture, Pope Francis gave the patriarch a famous reliquary containing bone fragments believed to belong to St. Peter.

The only time the bronze reliquary has been displayed publicly was in November 2013, when Pope Francis had it present for public veneration as he celebrated the closing Mass for the Year of Faith, opened by Pope Benedict XVI.

The bronze case contains nine of the bone fragments discovered during excavations of the necropolis under St. Peter’s Basilica that began in the 1940s.

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9 thoughts on “Nothing to see here, folks #18,977

  1. “In the transferral of such holy relics we find a blessed occasion to purify our wounded memories in order to strengthen our journey of reconciliation, to confirm that the faith of these N.N. is the faith of the Churches of East and West. We also witness to a favourable moment to “show in word and deed today the immense riches that our Churches preserve in the coffers of their traditions”
    See? Nihil novi sub post-conciliar sun.

  2. He will be with His Church always. This, I believe, is in preparation for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

  3. (Sarc on). Jeepers, Mark. He’s just sharing our patrimony. Or maybe it’s our ‘Peter-mony’. (Sarc off)

    I know that Msgr Bux announced in October 2018 the need to examine the juridical validity of BXVI’s renouncement statement. Except for Bp. Gracida, what other bishop or cardinal has made a peep regarding BiP? What if BiPpers simply email, write, call, and/or tweet bishops and cardinals with a request similar to Msgr Bux’s? Perhaps our simple and sincere entreaties would be a missing piece of what the brave-ish few are waiting for. Could it be that the Catholic, “St. Athanasius”-like leader we are waiting for is waiting for the signal that he already has followers? As demonstrated by this somewhat silly video, perhaps followers are more significant than we think they are.

  4. I would like to answer to the comment that appeared in my conversation box of wordpress. Unfortunately I do not see it. Neither I see my two other comments – one with the link to the new “St. Paul’s” gift of St. Andrew relics to some heretics & schismatics. You say: Francis. I say: Lumen gentium & Unitatis redintegratio & the spirit of the Council (aka s. of Assisi aka zeitgeist). Of course there is some progress in the revolution (resulting from the pondering of that revolution in the revolutionary hearts and deepening of understanding of the novelties) but it did not start with JMB.

    1. Of course it didn’t start with him. I wasn’t blanket defending the post conciliar popes. VatII is a failed council.

      I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing you’re comments. I approved all of them.

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