“The demon that speaks through Bergoglio recognizes the courage and integrity of Benedict and knows that Benedict is still somehow – impossibly – in charge.”

What follows is from “Giuseppe Pellegrino” via Marco Tosatti’s site. HERE

1)  Benedict XVI still considers himself to be pope. His direct intervention on the question of priestly celibacy, of such central importance for the life of the Church, was not casual or haphazard. His writing in From The Depths of Our Heartsis lucid and theologically reasoned. It shines with great clarity… He is encouraging priests – as their true Holy Father – and calling them back to what should be their first love. Behold, the voice of the true and perennial Magisterium, the voice of Peter exercising his call to strengthen his brethren (Luke 22:32).

2) Bergoglio is afraid of Benedict. We do not know what really happened or what agreements may or may not have been made between the “Bergoglians” and the “Ratzingerians” both in 2005 and 2013. Some have said that Bergoglio’s faction agreed to allow Ratzinger to be elected pope in 2005 but placed certain conditions on what he would do and that he would resign after a certain amount of time. Others maintain that in 2013 Benedict XVI resigned in such a way that he retained the Chair of Peter while allowing Bergoglio to become Bishop of Rome and ostensibly the pope… the demon that speaks through Bergoglio recognizes the courage and integrity of Benedict and knows that Benedict is still somehow – impossibly – in charge…Bergoglio changed his plan to approve the ordination of married “viri probati” – which was in the work for years– because Benedict called his bluff: “If you change this, you will be placing yourself in opposition to the entire Tradition of the Church,” says Benedict’s book in a nutshell. Bergoglio backed down because he fears Benedict.

3)  Benedict XVI understands that the Church is living in the end times. Nobody has been more aware of the evil present within the Church throughout his entire life than Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI…As cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger inserted a new topic into the Catechism of the Catholic Churchthat had not been present in previous catechisms: “The Church’s Ultimate Trial.” Inserted as part of the teaching on the Second Coming of Christ, paragraphs 675-677 focus on what will happen to the Church in the time immediately preceding the Second Coming. These paragraphs describe a religious deception that is in fact apostasy. Does anyone else feel that that is about as succinct a definition as any of what Bergoglio is doing? Furthermore, we know that as a young theologian and again as pope, Benedict has been intrigued by a somewhat obscure patristic eschatology that asserts that prior to the Second Coming, the Church must and should be split in two so that the Church could be saved ( see article here)…It is no longer possible to deny that there are two magisteriums speaking to the faithful today, one spewing ambiguous syncretism, the other testifying to perennial wisdom with clarity. Let the hearer decide if this is in fact the foretold “splitting” of the Church into an Ecclesia decora [a beautiful Church] and an Ecclesia furba [a dark Church]. But the reality of a false magisterium that exists alongside a true magisterium, both of which are speaking, can no longer be denied.

There is more that I left out, click the link up above to read the whole thing.

As for CCC 675-677, I wrote about this in May 2018 HERE and August 2016 HERE.

3 thoughts on ““The demon that speaks through Bergoglio recognizes the courage and integrity of Benedict and knows that Benedict is still somehow – impossibly – in charge.”

  1. I wish he would/could break away from the Vatican prison and tell the truth about what happened. I also think that our holy father, Benedict XVI, knows things (perhaps the real third secret of Fatima) that we don’t and that’s what’s at work. Regardless, it is now more than OBVIOUS that Benedict XVI is still the holy father and Steve Skojec, Chris Ferrara, Hilary White, etc., etc, are wrong.

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