“Safety First”

If 2020 were a picture, this would be it.

Not that I’m any more in favor of helmet laws than I am mask laws, but just pause and consider the multiplicity of maladies going on here.

Don’t want to wear a helmet? That’s your decision. No eye protection? You just made yourself a menace to everyone around you.

But thanks so much for masking up on the open road to slow the spread, you know.

This is what we are up against.

6 thoughts on ““Safety First”

  1. Unbelievable. Well no, not really. So much to comment on in just one little photo. *chuckle* *sigh*

  2. Not to mention the clothing! Good grief! Just where are they going to take the skin grafts from for these two? It’s usually from the legs. DUH!

  3. Nobody wants to mention the fact that the guy is carrying the pink purse? lol

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