Going to a restaurant in Rochester is racist

Is it safe to assume that law abiding restaurant patrons had nothing to do with whatever happened or didn’t happen to a naked madman high on PCP? Do we imagine they are all glad he died and are gloating in their whiteness?

One thought on “Going to a restaurant in Rochester is racist

  1. This is my city. This happened TEN MINUTES DRIVE away from my home, my family, my two young children under 2 years old.

    We have a “go plan” in place if the crap hits the fan. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that others in the city do the same. It’s only a matter of time before the mob comes to your neighborhood.

    Learn evasive driving techniques, and practice. If you see a mob and cannot avoid it, keep driving while blaring your horn, and have your car locked. Whatever you do, DO NOT STOP OR GET SURROUNDED. Drive IMMEDIATELY to the nearest police station and then report what happened. Invest in a dash camera. It’s the mobs word against yours, and sadly the burden of is on you to show you weren’t the agressor.

    We are living during scary times. Let’s make sure we keep ourselves and our families safe.

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