2 thoughts on “It’s not complicated: 60 years of wreckovated Catholicism (aka TRUTH) in one tweet

  1. I hate to be That Guy…

    Actually, that’s incorrect. I like being That Guy rather too much even though being That Guy is often a suboptimal way to approach things.

    More accurate:
    Catholicism: 2+2=4
    Vatican II: 2+2=X
    “Novus Ordo (Saeculorum)”: 2+2=X, and X can be anything you want!
    Hermaneutic of Continuity: 2+2=X. Solving for X, X=4. Clearly, there is no break between the pre- and post-conciliar churches! Pay no attention to the idol worship behind the curtain.
    Hermaneutic of Rupture/”Spirit of VII”: 2+2=X, as long as X/=4.
    Traddyland: WTH are you guys on? 2+2=4. 2+2 has always, is now, and will always be equal to 4. It doesn’t matter that X is TECHNICALLY correct, in practice it’s harmful AT BEST and deliberately deceptive at worst.

    I think that this gets too far into “don’t explain the joke” territory. But I also think it’s more fair to VII and all those poor fools still trapped in the Novus Ordo Rite trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

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