“Today’s Key Message:” Anyone who doesn’t get a flu shot is a danger to the community and a destroyer of our healthcare system

Start preparing now for how bad this is going to get. People who get the flu shot are going to be wearing visible cues that they are “part of the team.” There is going to be intense pressure to conform, and it will be much worse than the mask mandates. Most people know the masks are a joke, and are just playing along to get along (I’m speaking for most Arizonans). The flu shot will be different, because the masses are going to be convinced it’s the key to survival as a species. Or something like that.

7 thoughts on ““Today’s Key Message:” Anyone who doesn’t get a flu shot is a danger to the community and a destroyer of our healthcare system

  1. Agree. Conform or else. Thus arises the opportunity for bogus identifiers for having had a flu shot.
    The bible tells us the endgame of all this:
    Revelation 13:17
    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    Who says we are not in the End Times?

  2. …Most people know the masks are a joke, and are just playing along to get along”… Grandma and I are not so sure about that. Like else where, the MSN and the governments have made these unfortunate slaves scared s======s. Everywhere we go (unmasked) we are visibly assaulted by stares of, rage, of sorts from their eyes. These people have completely lost it we are sure, and compliance with the needle will be an easy sell, hey, even our clergy are on board, right to the top. Hard contact tracing in our province now, and the clergy are complicit. Grandma and I will not comply and are ready, physically, mentally and spiritually!

  3. It is just so. Damned. Stupid. Emphasis on the “damned”.

    Even more so than the masks, a flu shot is (according to the Holy Narrative) supposed to protect YOU from getting sick, the same as any vaccine. Yet people will recoil in disgust from some one who refuses to receive their appointed CovidInjection ™. They will resoundingly mock any antivaxxer without engaging their brains. Because the Holy Narrative tells them that anti-vaxxers and sceptics are Bad and Evil and Nazis.

    They can’t or rather won’t even engage their atrophied brains enough to realize that even if the Narrative is right and the flu shots or vaccines are 100% safe and effective they would be protected and letting the sceptics abstain doesn’t hurt them in the slightest.

    Is it too terrible of me to wish that they would face consequences for their idiocy for once? If only to have the chance of learning something? God forgive me. God forgive them.

  4. This is all SOOOO STOOOOOOOOOPID!!!!
    How did people get SOOOOO STOOOOOPID??????

    I know…..sin.
    sin blinds; sin dulls and then steals reason; sin brings on the stoooopid.
    Kick God out of everything, in swoops the stooopid to ‘fill’ the void.

  5. End times maybe. But in the Apocalypse, it does say that “the earth helped the woman” (who is representative of followers of Our Lord?) and gave her a place to stay. The dragon (Satan) spews out a flood after her but the earth swallows it up and she is given a place to stay for three and a half years. Could that place be North America? This fight is worth fighting in any case, even if this is not so.

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