10 thoughts on “If 1967 were a tweet…

  1. I always figured the antipope antecedent to the antichrist would be less… insipid. Are we really getting rolled by this masonic goof?

    1. Yes, exactly, you nailed it! It’s spooky.

      Coca-Cola, 1971, ‘Hilltop’ | “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke”

      Lyrics at bottom of this post. (Since it’s an advert, I don’t believe Coca Cola will chase anyone for copyright violation!)

      Two more things I found from brief research:

      1. the hilltop was in Italy
      2. the B-side of the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)” – later released as a single by The Hillside Singers – was “I Believed it All”!

      I’d like to buy the world a home
      And furnish it with love
      Grow apple trees and honey bees
      And snow white turtle doves
      I’d like to teach the world to sing
      In perfect harmony
      I’d like to buy the world a Coke
      And keep it company
      That’s the real thing
      I’d like to teach the world to sing
      In perfect harmony
      And I’d like to buy the world a Coke
      And keep it company
      It’s the real thing
      I’d like to buy the world a Coke
      And keep it company
      It’s the real thing
      I’d like to buy the world a Coke
      And keep it company
      It’s the real thing …

      1. Dad29 and Paul, you beat me to it. As I was reading the tweet that sappy Coke commercial was the exact thing that popped into my head.

        They’re stuck in the “Age of Aquarius.” If they didn’t, for the moment at least, still hold sway in Rome and elsewhere, it would be sad/amusing to watch. A characteristic of youth is an energetic idealism without anywhere near the wisdom, experience, or “skin in the game” to be able to focus it and direct it properly. Without that temperance their idealism is easy to corrupt (as we are seeing). That’s where the adults come in, at least in theory.

        Only a foolish culture pretends that a bunch of twenty somethings, most of whom have never had a real job, real responsibilities, or have any children which gives you a different perspective on the future… can run around agitating for massive socio-political change, violently at that, and not unanimously tell them to cool their heels until they’re more than a decade and a half away from learning how to ride a bike. Then we can talk.

        Most folks, as they get older, make and grow families, become more invested in their communities… in other words, become actual adults, substantially refine the idealism of their uninformed youth if not replace it altogether.

        Not these guys. Not one bit. The good news is the faux church set up in those days and the conciliar aggiornamento that spawned it is just as stuck there. Permanently. Just as there can not possibly be a “hermeneutic of continuity” from Tradition to nuchurch of the New Order, neither can their be a hermeneutic of continuity from nuchurch into back to Tradition. Not possible. Which means nuchurch must split off officially and die out with the generation that’s refuses to buy a calendar. Or it will die of old age, shaking it’s fist and sowing destruction till the last breath, not unlike Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

        Either way, though, it will die. We all know it. In His time, of course. What a great day to begin praying for that to commence, and soon. I always make the petition, starting from a certainty that it will occur, that He chooses to heal His Church in such time that I might be allowed to see it. That’s a lot to ask but it will be the greatest thing to witness I can imagine. Imagine how the Apostles and the faithful felt after three days of mourning, questioning, anxiety… when the Lord Resurrected! Their hearts had to have been bursting from their chests. Hope and resolve flowing from every pore. Ready to strap it on and do His will with an unshakable certainty. That’s how I imagine it will be. It’s not going to be some gradual changing of the guard. It’s going to be dramatic; undeniably Divine.

        And I echo Mark’s frequent and absolutely correct plea: pray the Rosary every day. Start today and do it for the rest of your life.

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