7 thoughts on ““Killing babies is the same thing as holding a political rally.”

  1. People who make comments like this are 100 percent supportive of abortion. The anti-church is here and this little sacrilegious sodomite is the poster boy.

  2. When Biden leaves this world and God judges him …
    God: “Depart from me you wicked creature!” … Biden: “Awww, Comon Man!”

  3. The left’s latest attempt at justifying abortion is using the rare cases of placental abruption, missed miscarriage and other pregnancy complications to claim that because miscarriage is called spontaneous abortion from a medical perspective, all abortion should be legal and pro lifers prefer a woman go septic and die. I guess they haven’t heard of the double-effect…

  4. What I wouldn’t give to see “Fr.” James Martin knocked down a peg. He would be nowhere in life if it weren’t for the deep corruption within the NuJesuits and NuChurch. The fact that he sputtered and had a meltdown because Fr. Altman used the word “prance” shows he has a spine made of Jello.

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