Mystery solved: Why did Merck disavow its own drug, Ivermectin, as a safe and effective treatment for the Covid?

I can think of billion$ of reasons. Ivermectin is off-patent and zero profits. So a new, expensive, exclusive and proprietary therapeutic was needed.

This is why they dropped their vaxx research months ago, and poured all their research into therapeutics.

Cha Ching.

8 thoughts on “Mystery solved: Why did Merck disavow its own drug, Ivermectin, as a safe and effective treatment for the Covid?

    1. well now…isn’t that an interesting question. Similar enough to have a positive immediate effect, but just dissimilar enough to be qualified ‘unique’ and worthy of patent…also dissimilar enough to cause problems and damage down the road that will require more and increasingly expensive pharmaceutical intervention.

  1. Great find!
    Seems to me that chemical makeup of Molnupiravir could be pretty close to Ivermectin.

  2. I told you….they just repatented the drug. Minor changes. New name. And now you will never be able to buy ivermectin at decent prices. It will become scarcer, or behind glass. But you will be able to buy it at a brand new higher price.

    Ps. Is Barnhardt drunk? Weird post over there.

  3. According to CDC data, 750 people died from the experimental gene therapy during a single week in May.

    Normally, 5 deaths from a medicine stamps a black warning label on the box; 20 deaths from a medicine and they remove it from the marketplace.

    But with Operation Warp Speed deaths do not matter. Those that truly matter have been given legal and financial indemnity.

    As of two weeks ago – 5,165 underreported deaths from the vax jab. And exponentially more severe side effects. No one cares.

    This is the definition of a Crime Against Humanity. Someone(s), someday must personally pay for this.

    1. And then, I watch this, and I think – “They have woken the sleeping giant. America is now awake. When America and Americans wake up and come together … there is almost no force on earth that can stop us. I pray this is true; that America has come together once again, against the evil that infects our world”.


  4. OT but, for-the-love-a-mike….this has GOT to be HUUUGE, no?

    Canon212 has it headlined as a wikileak dump of all their files on hitlery’s emails, mclame’s guilt, vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, pedopedesta, steve job’s hiv letter, cia rape agents, plandemic, bilderberg, iran, syria, et.-freakin’-al. DAAAANG, and ……..boom!

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