If you don’t understand how Karen’s brain works, read this


Meanwhile, the Governor of Arizona just signed an EO yesterday, banning forced vaccinations and mask mandates at state universities. Good on him.

10 thoughts on “If you don’t understand how Karen’s brain works, read this

    1. For shame! Quote the appropriate precedent.

      Now whosoever shall be defiled with the leprosy, and is separated by the judgment of the priest, shall have his clothes hanging loose, his head bare, his mouth covered with a cloth, and he shall cry out that he is defiled and unclean. All the time that he is a leper and unclean, he shall dwell alone without the camp.

      1. urielangeli–yes, a most appropriate biblical rationale for avoiding the vaxed. These undesirables should be made to shout “unclean”.

      2. @Michael Dowd Well, they already have the “his mouth covered with a cloth” part down, so… halfway there?

  1. if they are so submissive to the mask hoax, we know who will be so willing to submit to tyranny

  2. That mother isn’t real. That’s a fictional mother created to give the perfect question and get a perfect answer. Propaganda.

      1. Step back. I’m not saying these people don’t exist. My governor is one of them, But this “mother” ticks off all the right issues, with all the caveats, with all the considerations, and is answered with a perfect reply.

        I’m not qualified for much, but I know language and the written word. Its what I went to school for.

        That question is propaganda. It was invented. Lefties create narratives.

  3. Setup. Accurately conveys the type tho. Could be both literally and figuratively true in defense of both of you. Like a coached ‘Karen,’ who’s letter was “edited for clarity.”

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