How you can be right about almost everything, and still be totally, tragically, wrong

Don’t do it. I was tempted by this back in 2002 when the sex scandal was raging. I had only discovered Tradition a few years earlier, and was still angry about what they had stolen from us. I confessed to a good priest, who explained why clinging to the Barque was essential. If Christ promised to never abandon His Church, who do you think you are? Pray, do penance, and trust in the Divine Providence. On the day of your Particular Judgment, you’ll be glad you did. Help others understand this.

7 thoughts on “How you can be right about almost everything, and still be totally, tragically, wrong

  1. God help and save the Orthodox. But I will remain Catholic forever. Still, it’s hard to argue with what they have written. I’ve been attending Ukrainian Eastern Rite Catholic Masses for 47 years now, not exclusively, but mostly. If I manage to save my soul, much credit to them.

    1. I have been going to a Ukrainian Catholic Church for over 33 years now. They have been a lifeboat for me in these stormy seas, but I see waves dashing against them as well. The most comfort I have had in this life is to be able to kneel before the tabernacle and pour my heart out to Him in His beautiful wooden church with icon faces looking down on me. I pray that can continue.
      Some of my mother’s relatives were Orthodox and people who are not Orthodox don’t completely understand how they feel about the Church of Rome. Mark’s post shows some of that. They are even less “understanding” of the so-called “Uniate” churches which they consider to be traitors to the Eastern traditions.
      I’ve been praying every day to Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky, who suffered greatly under the KGB for not renouncing his Catholic faith and defecting to the Orthodox. He is my “Dido” (Ukrainian grandfather). He might look like a kindly grandfather but that man had a spine of steel. May he and his fellow martyrs intercede for us here fighting below.

  2. The narrow path that leads to the small gate may be difficult to stay on, but it has the advantage of being straight. And because it is a perfectly straight line (straight enough to get from here all the way to heaven above and not get off course by even an inch) it therefor also has the advantage of demonstrating when you have left it.

    Once you have left the line of straightness that leads to the incarnation of Word Made Flesh it may be increasingly hard to find the line again, the longer you spend wandering in the weed patches to the side. But, if you have a will to remain on the line, as difficult as it is, it will guarantee you heaven at the end of it.

    And the line does not follow the Orthodox into their schism. The line begins and ends with Jesus Christ, through his designated Vicar, Prince of the Apostles, Peter. Through Peter at the beginning of life on the line. Through Peter at the end of life as you prepare through the Sacraments to return to your Maker.

    What Catholics who contend that it doesn’t matter who Peter is now, Benedict XVI or Francis, Miss is that there is nothing more important this side of heaven than to identify the occupant of the Office of Peter, Christ’s Vicar, through whom Christ meets us on the line of Sacred Magisterial Tradition and through whom Christ keeps us there until the end.

    False Popes trouble me not. I see the line from where I am and it is to that line I am faithful because on it I will one day be once again with God who made and sustains me – Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

  3. Just follow the lineage, the dogma and you cannot leave the Roman Catholic Church. The “Orthodox” are based on a lie and are deceptively named. Cling to a Roman missiles and the catechism of Trent if you need.

    The dogma is most important. It’s expression in the TLM is perfect. But even denied the TLM the dogma reigns. Cling to it or you’ll be lost.

  4. Seems like a bit of a cheap shot… We could talk about how eager many of the eastern schismatic clergy were to play ball with the Soviets to the horror of their flocks. I won’t do that though.

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