5 thoughts on “Another day, another stunning example of the VISIBILITY of what’s what

  1. I read more from that article… Bergoglio apologized for the wrongs committed by many Catholics in the past. It always seems to be only one side which is apologizing in these matters.

    I’d love to hear a schismatic bishop of the East apologize for the Massacre of the Latins some day.


  2. The bishops should be hollering the same. Anyway, it’s coming. Prophecy says France will fall into a frightful anarchy. Interesting week with Zemmour announcing his candidacy. I am expecting political assassinations in Europe by spring. It’s going to be awful, it’s all because the Church is in a state of apostasy, and that Argentine doughball is leading the way.

  3. I know in Bergoglio’s case it especially applies, but wouldn’t that Orthodox priest have said that of any Pope?

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