Why would it be necessary to war game a pandemic of a disease that was eliminated from the world 40 years ago?

Pacific Eclipse – A tabletop exercise on smallpox pandemic response

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Background: In December 2019, we ran Pacific Eclipse, a pandemic tabletop exercise using smallpox originating in Fiji as a case study. Pacific Eclipse brought together international stakeholders from health, defence, law enforcement, emergency management and a range of other organisations.

Aim: To review potential gaps in preparedness and identify modifiable factors which could prevent a pandemic or mitigate the impact of a pandemic.

Methods: Pacific Eclipse was held on December 9-10 in Washington DC, Phoenix and Honolulu simultaneously. The scenario began in Fiji and becomes a pandemic. Mathematical modelling of smallpox transmission was used to simulate the epidemic under different conditions and to test the effect of interventions. Live polling, using Poll Everywhere software that participants downloaded onto their smart phones, was used to gather participant decisions as the scenario unfolded. Stakeholders from state and federal government and non-government organisations from The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, as well as industry and non-government organisations attended.

Results: The scenario progressed in three phases and participants were able to make decisions during each phase using live polling. The polling showed very diverse and sometimes conflicting decision making. Factors influential to pandemic severity were identified and categorised as modifiable or unmodifiable. A series of recommendations were made on the modifiable determinants of pandemic severity and how these can be incorporated into pandemic planning. These included preventing an attack through intelligence, law enforcement and legislation, improved speed of diagnosis, speed and completeness of case finding and case isolation, speed and security of vaccination response (including stockpiling), speed and completeness of contact tracing, protecting critical infrastructure and business continuity, non-pharmaceutical interventions (social distancing, PPE, border control) and protecting first responders.




The PLuS Alliance and Stratium Global hosted an immersive biothreat simulation at three sites across the USA (Crystal City, Phoenix and Honolulu) on December 9-10 2019, with cooperation from US Indo- Pacific Command. A range of operational stakeholders from the US and Five Eyes countries attended the workshop. An interactive tabletop exercise (TTX), using a hypothetical unknown epidemic arising in the Pacific, and becoming a pandemic was conducted. The TTX focus was to assess inter-agency and international response to a pandemic disaster. Tensions between global, national and local priorities were tested using interactive polling and live decision making. Immediate feedback was provided on the impact of decisions about resources and operations using mathematical modelling of the epidemic. The event was conducted over two half-days to allow different time zones to participate conveniently. Debriefing on identified gaps was integrated into the TTX. Experts from health, defence, law enforcement and emergency management, from government and non-government organisations provided expert input and real-world examples relevant to the TTX. The multimedia from the exercise are available below to show the relevance of our hypothetical exercise to the COVID-19 pandemic.

03 Mystery Illness

04 WHO Declaration

05 Virologist to WHO (Audio)

06 Nurses_Union Strike

07 Police Chief (Audio)

08 Civil Unrest

09 Ship of Death

10 Healthcare Decimated

11 PPE shortage

12 Cyber Attack

7 thoughts on “Why would it be necessary to war game a pandemic of a disease that was eliminated from the world 40 years ago?

  1. Because the Death Jab will render all previous vaccinations inert. It will destroy the immune system. All these latent diseases kept at bay with the vaccines will come back.

    They built a public health regime, they’re tearing it down now. Because they feel they are God.

  2. Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko has now publicly recommended the use of Sarracenia Purpurea in the Treatment of Small-pox.

    The British Medical Journal – Solution to Small-pox is Sarracenia Purpurea (Decoction or Extract of Purple Pitcher Plant)
    https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.1.109.127 (Published 31 January 1863)

    The Lancet – Sarracenia Purpurea in Small-pox
    https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(02)61137-7 (Published 6 December 1862)

    Start watching at 17:53 https://rumble.com/vqjcms-dallas-dr.-zelenko.html

  3. Bill Gates has been warning about smallpox terrorist attacks in airports so we know what they have planned. Interesting, on December 4th, St Barbara’s day, I came across an article which talks about her role as protector of children from smallpox in Greece. Maybe we should seek her intercession against this next plague.

  4. Well, the “covid” plandemic and subsequent “vaxxine” isn’t working out as well as they had planned. So, let’s go back to a trusted plague that will really make them sit up and take notice or take another vaxxine…smallpox. Good commies that they are, they always let us know what they are planning next. Thanks for the heads up.

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