VIDEO: Be a part of the glorious SSPX Immaculata Church Project in Saint Mary’s, KS… You’ll be glad you did.

There is a non-trivial chance that you may wind up living in St. Mary’s KS, someday. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say you got in on the ground floor of this project? There are very easy payment options… they are looking for pledges that stretch over the next five years, with the lowest option being $17 per month. You can do it! Donate today!

“This month our explanation of the Marian symbols contained within the Immaculata is continued, describing six of the twelve typologies depicted in the coffered ceiling medallions surrounding the seven sacraments.”

Novum Testamentum in Vetere latet: Vetus in Novo patet.
The New Testament is hidden in the Old, the Old is made clear by the New. – St. Augustine

What that means is, God who stands outside of time and who foresees what He wants to reveal in the New Law, He foreshadowed these things in the Old Testament. So for example, we have Joseph, the son of Jacob, as a type of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was sold by his brethren into slavery. But it was by that means of being sold and abandoned by his own brethren that he would eventually save his brethren; he would become number two in the kingdom of Pharaoh, and would, by that means save his family. And so God does the exact same thing. Because of the dignity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, He has foreshadowed her coming in the Old Testament, not only through different figures, but also through other symbols that we see in the Old Testament.

And so the ceiling of the Immaculata is full of these Marian symbols. The church, literally, will sing the praises of the Mother of God through all these different types of her in the Old Testament. Today, what we’re going to do, though, is we’re just going to dive into the first six. The first six types of Our Lady that are going up into the ceiling. And then next month, we’ll move in to the last six. Because the symbols are so rich, they take some explanation.


The Grift Must Go On: US government buys 105 million more doses of pfizer vaxx for fall boosters, with option of 196 million more

by el gato malo Jun 30 at bad cattitude

say what you will about scott gottlieb and his mysterious mid-term abdication of the reins at the FDA (and its subsequent decent into corruption and disfunction) but never let it be said that pfizer did not get their money’s worth adding this guy to their board.

the news is entirely against them, efficacy is gone (if it ever existed), cases are blowing out, side effects are unprecedentedly rampant, and glen-gottlieb glen ross just sold the US government the rust undercoating “upgrade” on every vehicle their fleet. 3dRose Best Salesman Ever Fun Gift for Salesmen Job  Appreciation Two Tone Mug, 11oz, Blue : Home & Kitchen

you almost have to stand back and admire the size of the scam.

this stuff sells for $19.50 a pop. that’s a $2 billion order with an option for nearly $4 billion more.

the wages of sin may or may not be death, but whoo doggie, the wages of pushing dodgy pharma on the public by using a purloined federal purchasing process aided and abetted by complicit regulators, well those look pretty darn good don’t they?

no sad steak knives for this hombre.

scotty is definitely taking home the cadillac.

covid is for closers.

for those who do not get this meme, have i got a movie for you.

total classic.

“Just Do It:” Feast of the Visitation and your duty toward Fraternal Charity

Originally possted

Happy feast!

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary. Fruit of the mystery is Fraternal Charity.

How often do we fail at this? Have we failed more often during the Corona? I know I have.

Have we let habits sneak into our lives which weaken our bearing towards fraternal charity? Have you noticed that social media is hugely problematic in this area? Have you noticed that twitter turns people into raging fonts of rancor? It’s not good.

Take a few minutes to critically evaluate the changes in your life the past four months of captivity. Root out the bad stuff and figure a way back toward spiritual progress. I’ve been lucky in my diocese to enjoy continual access to the sacraments. I know others are much less fortunate.

But God isn’t hindered by any of this. God will provide, if you allow him to work within you. He just needs a little cooperation.

Feast of the Precious Blood: “Without It, they would have remained slaves of Satan and outcasts from the eternal mansions of God.”


(Following copied from a blog post at Blessed Feast!

The month of July is dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of the Redeemer. Supreme homage is given to the Sacred Blood.   As we adore the Sacred Heart, because it is the Heart of Jesus, who is God, so we adore the Most Precious Blood.

The Blood of Jesus is the fountain of salvation.   Each drop that flowed from the wounds of the Savior is a pledge of man’s eternal salvation.   All races of the earth have been ransomed, and all individuals, who will allow the saving power of the Sacred Blood to be applied to their soul, are heirs of heaven.   St. John Chrysostom calls the Precious Blood “the savior of souls”; St. Thomas Aquinas, “the key to heaven’s treasures”; St. Ambrose, “pure gold of ineffable worth”; St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, “a magnet of souls and pledge of eternal life”.   The sins of mankind, in their number, in their offense to the Supreme Being, in the effects on transgressors, are immense; yet, the Precious Blood of Jesus is not frightened by numbers, it has in Itself the power to appease an angered God and to heal wounded creatures.

The Precious Blood is a cleansing bath. Unlike all other blood, which stains, the Blood of Jesus washes clean and white.   According to the words of St. John, in the Apocalypse, the Angels wonder, and the question is asked: “These that are clothed in white robes, who are they?”  The Lord answers: “These are they that have washed their robes, and have made them white in the Blood of the Lamb.”  For no other reason did the Precious Blood flow but to regain for the souls of men the beautiful dress of innocence, and, once regained, to preserve it throughout life and into eternity.

The Blood of the Savior is a well of consolation for troubled hearts.  Can anyone, confidingly, look at the Sacred Blood trickling down from the Cross without taking courage to carry on, in spite of the difficulties which are the common lot of all?   One glance at the Cross must be able to drive away fear.    And, another, must be able to instill trust in Him who did not rest until the last drop, mingled with water, flowed out of an opened Heart.    He, who was willing to do so much for men, must be willing to overlook and forget the frailties which they deeply regret; He must be willing to come to their assistance when harassed, to defend them when tempted, to comfort them when afflicted.   The Blood of Jesus must be for Christians what the north-star is to sailors.

Would that men on earth honored the Precious Blood in the manner in which they who are in heaven give honor and praise and thanksgiving!   They proclaim that It purchased the glory which they enjoy.   Without It, they would have remained slaves of Satan and outcasts from the eternal mansions of God.   Let us profess that we owe to the Sacred Blood of Jesus all that we have in this life, and that to It we shall owe all that we shall enjoy in a better and eternal life!

Stunning visual, proving once again, their biggest thrill is in the “getting away with it”

From Father Zed:

You have seen the logo for the 2025 Jubilee?

It’s really something.  I can’t tell you what that makes me think of.

A lot of people submitted designs.  This is the fellow who designed it.


His name is Giacomo Travisani.  There is a story in Italian HERE.

Someone today mentioned an additional fact about him, so I looked around.

Same guy?

I think it may be.   If so, he is a specialist in all sorts of techniques of massage.

That’s different!

From the site:

Il mio bagaglio professionale vanta di diverse tecniche di massaggio quali:

On the Patronal Feast of the FSSP, Antipope Bergoglio welcomes everyone, EVERYONE, except not those, you know, CATHOLICS

The antichurch had quite a busy day today. Blessed feast! First, Bergoglio invited Pelosi to receive Communion, both of them obviously dejected over Friday’s ruling on Roe. So of course the Body of Christ must be weaponized and desecrated.

But then he delivered such a warm and welcoming sermon, promising:

“a Church without chains and walls, in which everyone can feel welcomed and accompanied, one where listening, dialogue and participation are cultivated under the sole authority of the Holy Spirit… A Church that does not linger in its sacred precincts, but is driven by enthusiasm for the preaching of the Gospel and the desire to encounter and accept everyone. Let us not forget that word: everyone. Everyone! Go to crossroads and bring everyone, the blind, the deaf, the lame, the sick, the righteous and the sinner: everyone! This word of the Lord should continue to echo in our hearts and minds: in the Church there is a place for everyone. Many times, we become a Church with doors open, but only for sending people away, for condemning people. Yesterday one of you said to me “This is no time for the Church to be sending away, it is the time to welcome”. “They did not come to the banquet…” – so go to the crossroads. Bring everyone, everyone!”

And then came the letter! Turns out, he didn’t mean everyone.

“I do not see how it is possible to say that one recognizes the validity of the Council – though it amazes me that a Catholic might presume to do so – and at the same time not accept the liturgical reform born out of Sacrosanctum Concilium.”

Well, he got it half right, anyway. Can anyone explain that dichotomy?

“I want the beauty of the Christian celebration and its necessary consequences for the life of the Church not to be spoiled by a superficial and foreshortened understanding of its value or, worse yet, by its being exploited in service of some ideological vision, no matter what the hue.”

“Let us abandon our polemics to listen together to what the Spirit is saying to the Church.” 

Haha ha ha ha.

“The non-acceptance of the liturgical reform, as also a superficial understanding of it, distracts us from the obligation of finding responses to the question that I come back to repeating: how can we grow in our capacity to live in full the liturgical action? How do we continue to let ourselves be amazed at what happens in the celebration under our very eyes?”

He has a duty to affirm that “The liturgical books promulgated by Saint Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, in conformity with the decrees of Vatican Council II, are the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite… As I have already written, I intend that this unity be re-established in the whole Church of the Roman Rite… all the bishops, priests, and deacons, the formators in seminaries, the instructors in theological faculties and schools of theology, and all the catechists” heed his command not to “go back to that ritual form which the Council fathers, cum Petro et sub Petro, felt the need to reform, approving, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and following their conscience as pastors, the principles from which was born the reform.”

Dear seminarians, brothers, deacons, priests, bishops: You’re going to have a lot more credibility by calling out the antipapacy before SHTF. If you wait to do it afterward, it’s just going to make you look like a bunch of sore losers. Man up.

Explainer: Why Are They Raging When Abortion Is Still Legal?

The ladies at LesFemmes continue to knock it out of the park. Following from Mary Ann Kreitzer:

Why Are They Raging When Abortion Is Still Legal?

For the benefit of the ignorant in the raging mobs, let me underline what happened last Friday. Dobbs overturned Roe, but did not ban abortion. It is still legal except in those states that had trigger laws linked to the end of Roe. And even in those states, many allow abortion in certain circumstances. Our work to end the murder of babies is just beginning.

So, yes, abortion is still legal in the United States and, in fact, many who desire abortions will benefit financially from Dobbs. A growing list of Fortune 500 companies, who want to avoid paying for maternity leave and insurance packages for families, are bribing female employees to kill their children. (All of a sudden, the leftist media is recognizing women as women again.) They essentially say, “Hey, we’ll pay you $4,000 (Dick’s Sporting Goods) to go to a slave abortion state to destroy your property baby and throw him/her in the medical waste can, the garbage disposal, or the landfill.”

In view of this, why are the pro-aborts raging and having hysterics? 

Proverbs explains it for you. 

The wicked are never satisfied with their own wickedness! Let me repeat. The wicked are never satisfied with their own wickedness. They want everyone to join them. And those who won’t join willingly must be vilified, shamed, and canceled.

For they [the wicked] cannot rest unless they have done evil; 

to have made no one stumble steals away their sleep.

For they eat the bread of wickedness 

and drink the wine of violence.

The way of the wicked is like darkness;

they know not on what they stumble.

But the path of the just is like shining light,

that grows in brilliance till perfect day.  (Proverbs 4:16-19)

The left says that Roe settled the question of abortion and that overturning it sends us back — 150 years according to Biden whose address to the country amplified the division. But that’s a lie. Rather than settling the issue, Roe magnified the division that already existed. The debate was raging even before Roe and the pro-life message was winning. Even radical New York’s legislature voted to rescind their liberal abortion law. Governor Nelson Rockefeller vetoed the bill when it arrived at his desk. Makes you wonder where he is now after facing the eternal judge.

I was on the battlefield already back in 1973 and remember the pro-aborts saying that the debate was over; they won. Their claim  couldn’t have been farther from the truth! Roe lit the fuse on a powder keg. Thousands of pro-life educational and political groups and crisis pregnancy centers sprang up overnight. Pro-lifers prayed, picketed, gave pro-life presentations, engaged in debates, sidewalk counseled, offered help in the form of medical care, baby items, etc. 

All of us fought the satanic practice of child sacrifice. Roe took us back 2000 years to the days of Moloch, Baal, and the Roman empire where Roman soldiers prevented Christians from rescuing babies exposed to the elements and predators under the law of paterfamilias. Dobbs undid one of the greatest injustices ever perpetrated on this great country and citizens who love life. That Roe was actually the work of Catholic justice William Brennan was a monumental scandal. That Dobbs is the work of an Episcopalian and four Catholic justices is a shining light to God’s truth…

Read the rest, including video of Satan’s press conference:

Roe: We still have a long way to go

I’m pasting below what Nurse Claire wrote on Ann’s site. It’s not to be viewed as pessimism, at all. It’s a reality check. Roe was the first step, and despite it taking 49 years, it was by far the easiest in terms of logic colliding with bad legal reasoning. The Roe opinion was garbage. Even RBG knew it, and knew it would eventually fall, hence why she begged for years for Congress to codify it.

Now what?

Fetal-pain laws, heartbeat laws, 15 week bans… all well and good, better than nothing, but none of them grounded in reality. A unique human being is created at conception. This is science, not religion. At the very instant of the sperm merging with the oocyte, the creation of a human zygote, that single-cell creature is fully human: A wholly distinct individual with its own 46 chromesomes packed with the unique DNA of the new human being, which then self-directs its own development. Note well that words are important. Calling it a “fertilized egg” is incorrect, and leads to charges like, “You think an egg is a human…” and “You think and egg has more rights than a woman…” etc. Mammals don’t have eggs, they have gametes, male and female. Reptiles have eggs.

But Team Unreality doesn’t believe in male nor female, and neither could they define what a woman was, barely five days ago.

Lastly, you can say what you will about Donald Trump, but this wasn’t possible without him. In the matter of nominating judges, he did what he said he would do. One of the few promises he kept, TBH. To all the tweed lined professional Catholics who turned up their noses, and publicly admonished other Catholics to not vote for Trump, to all the RINO never-Trumpers, you owe a lot of us an apology. Or just shut up and get over yourselves would be fine too.

The commentary after the Tucker clip is all Nurse Claire:


I have a few problems with this clip that recently aired on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

First, the suggestion that a fetus feels pain from 15-20 weeks is demonstrably false. In 1984, former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, then a pro-life convert, sought to show the world the brutality of abortion by airing actual video footage of a 12-week, ultrasound-guided abortion. In the video (which can be viewed here), the unborn child is clearly seen opening its mouth to scream, and recoiling from the abortionist’s instruments. My graduate school training in anesthesia taught that pain pathways as well as EEG brain waves were present in children as early as 9 weeks’ gestation, and probably sooner. So I take issue with the physician on Carlson’s show – his technical info isn’t exactly accurate.

And second: what is the point of this interview? Is the point to assert that murder is okay as long as it’s painless for the victim? Because if that’s the argument being made here, then I assure you the pro-aborts will push back with early-term “pain free” abortions using things like RU486, otherwise known as the abortion pill. And there are already abortionists out there touting their digoxin abortion methods, which involve injecting an unborn child with high-dose digoxin to stop the heart. The baby dies before the dismembering begins. These are sold to mothers as “painless”.

Out of charity, I will assume Tucker is airing this interview to offer some perspective on the brutality of abortion and the humanity of the unborn, who have been so thoroughly dehumanized for the last several decades. Most militant pro-abortionists do not care about the pain felt by unborn children. But, I do think there is a younger generation out there who truly are so intellectually lazy that they haven’t realized exactly what an abortion entails. Or they think of the fetus as some magical sleeping baby that neither perceives nor feels anything until it takes its first breath. So I’ll give Tucker credit for trying to start that conversation.

However, as pro-lifers, we must be vigilant not to fall into these arguments. Arbitrary conditions on abortion, such as “is the fetus feeling pain” or “is there a heartbeat” are logical fallacies – avoid these traps. In a conversation I had with Dr. Beep earlier today, he pointed out that sedating people to death is also “painless”, just like two-to-the-back-of-the-head of your political enemy. These atrocities are still murder regardless of how pain-free they may be for the victims.

And as for the heartbeat argument: life begins at conception. Full stop. The heartbeat laws enacted in several states are nice, but they do not acknowledge nor do they prevent the earliest abortions that are happening every day: abortifacient contraceptive pills, IUDs, and the “morning after” pill.

Let us celebrate the overturning of Roe while still being mindful that a tremendous uphill battle faces us. Our culture is a thoroughly pagan one, so we must articulate carefully that abortion is always wrong no matter the method or circumstances.

Nurse Claire