A Time For Choosing (Again!)

Mundabor came down hard on the Bishop of Rome, as he prefers to be called, in the infancy of this Papacy. At first, he was quite alone in his harsh assessment. Nine months later, can there be any doubt about the vindication? When it comes to pass that The Advocate votes the sitting Roman Pontiff its Man of the Year, what else can be said.

Mundabor's Blog

In a recent interview – the man seems unable to refrain from interviews now, after having said he did not like giving them; heavens, just think if he did… – the Bishop of Rome waxes lyrical about tenderness.

It would, in fact, do some good reading about such worthy sentiment, if it were applied in a halfway reasonable way, and for halfway understandable reasons.

It is certainly not tenderness, but laxity and scandal to allow Monsignor Ricca to remain at his post. The more so, as Francis gives further scandal by remaining in close contact with the man. Please remember that Ricca was found out, not reformed. Please also consider the man showing such scandalous “tenderness” to him is one able to make very offensive jokes about this supposed “gay lobby” not having ID card with them, though funnily enough for him even worldwide scandal isn’t enough evidence, so one…

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