“What we are witnessing represents the general rehearsal for the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist, which will be preceded by the preaching of the False Prophet”

December 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, in a new interview with LifeSite, comments on LifeSite’s report that since the first coronavirus lockdown in March, Pope Francis is not anymore using the papal altar in St. Peter’s Basilica for his public Masses, an altar which is situated on top of St. Peter’s tomb. Instead, the Pope is using another altar at the basilica. For Viganò, this papal act is symbolic in light of the fact that Pope Francis himself ordered during the closing Mass of the October 2019 Amazon Synod that a bowl of plants dedicated to the false goddess Pachamama be placed on that very papal altar at St. Peter’s. Not long after that act, the Pope also decided that he would no longer use the title “Vicar of Christ” in the 2020 Vatican Yearbook.

Edit: It’s worth noting that Antipope Bergoglio doesn’t even claim the Vicarship for himself; he formally renounced it. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. He announced this on 2 April 2020, the 15th anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II. Now, if the purported Roman Pontiff comes right out and tells you he’s not the Vicar of Christ, isn’t that a good sign that something is amiss?

Viganò states that “whoever refuses to be called Vicar of Christ apparently has the perception that this title does not suit him, or even looks with contempt at the possibility of being the Vicar of the One whom by his words and actions Bergoglio shows that he does not wish to recognize and adore as God.”

“In my opinion,” Viganò writes, “what we are witnessing represents the general rehearsal for the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist, which will be preceded by the preaching of the False Prophet, the Precursor of the one who will carry out the final persecution against the Church before Our Lord’s definitive and crushing victory.”

All these papal acts taken together are seen by Archbishop Viganò as a development toward apostasy and sacrilege, that is, demon worship.

“I believe that the premises that have been laid down up to this point – which in good part go back to Vatican II, but also to later events such as the Interreligious Prayer Meeting in Assisi – will inexorably lead in an ever more explicit way towards a ‘profession of apostasy’ by the leaders of the Bergoglian church.”

“The Church does not belong to the Pope, and even less does she belong to a clique of heretics and fornicators that has succeeded in coming to power by deception and fraud.”

“Therefore, we ought to unite our supernatural faith in the constant action of God in the midst of His people with a work of resistance, as counseled by the Fathers of the Church: Catholics have the duty of opposing the infidelity of their Shepherds, because the obedience that they owe them is aimed at the glory of God and the salvation of souls. We therefore denounce everything that represents a betrayal of the mission of the Shepherds, imploring the Lord to shorten these times of trial. And if one day we are told by Bergoglio that, in order to remain in communion with him, we must perform an act that offends God, we will have further confirmation that he is an impostor, and that as such he has no authority.”

The full text can be found at the link up top.

2 thoughts on ““What we are witnessing represents the general rehearsal for the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist, which will be preceded by the preaching of the False Prophet”

  1. After much consideration and prayer, it is now my personal belief that antipope Jorge Bergoglio is a practicing satanist. I base this hypothesis on the following:

    1. His lifelong coziness with the freemasons.
    2. There’s no way in hell that he didn’t know about the “gay orgy” a few years ago when his buddy, Cocopalymra (mis-spelled) “presided” over the debacle involving his secretary. In all probability this was some sort of a black mass.
    3. The pachamama. He organized, allowed and encouraged the worship of a demon inside the Vatican.
    4. Last of all and what seals the hypothesis for me… his facial expressions of extreme anger and hatred whenever he consecrates or is present at an adoration. Antipope Bergoglio knows exactly who he’s looking at and he thoroughly despises Our Lord.

    “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ,” Our Lady of La Salette. Yes Ma’am and we’re almost there. Ora pro nobis.

  2. Agree 100% with Archbishop Vigano who has been appointed by God as a beacon of truth in this most troubled time. I also believe there are very special graces now available to those who are faithful to Christ.

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