Infographic: Does anyone remember which countries/continents deployed ivermectin on a massive scale back in the spring? This picture tells it all.

I mean, yeah. Pretty much the entire continent of Africa, where the use of ivermectin has been commonplace for years. Then Mexico, followed by large portions of India in May. Japan came along in the summer. Presumably they are all still dosing as a preventative?

But never mind, I’m sure the vaccines work just fine. Masks too.

These places that are 90% vaxxed with cases soaring… will anyone ever ask questions about vaccine-enhanced disease or antibody-dependent enhancement? Or will everyone just show up for their third and fourth and fifth shot?

“ADE has been observed for coronaviruses. Several studies have shown that sera induced by SARS-CoV spike enhance viral entry into Fc receptor-expressing cells (42,44). Further, one study demonstrated that unlike receptor-dependent viral entry, serum-dependent SARS-CoV entry does not go through the endosome pathway (44). Additionally, it has long been known that immunization of cats with feline coronavirus spike leads to worsened future infection due to the induction of infection-enhancing antibodies (45,47). However, detailed molecular mechanisms for ADE of coronavirus entry are still unknown.”

6 thoughts on “Infographic: Does anyone remember which countries/continents deployed ivermectin on a massive scale back in the spring? This picture tells it all.

  1. Could not follow this. Sorry. I am not a fan of most writing styles, supposely scientific and just bloggers/commenters. All this did was be there…..blah…..

      1. It’s an increasingly common dialect know as “arrogance” which is commonly, but not exclusively, spoken by liberals inhabiting either coast of the United States. To speak it properly, one must assume a posture that allows one to look down one’s long nose at the subject being discussed, and then use many words to say almost nothing.

  2. Wondering about correlation of the extent of media spin against ivy, bureaucratic restrictions, penalties, against availability of ivy.

  3. Iver Deniers cite Peru as a counter-example. Supposedly, Peru used iver but covid came roaring back.

    (Not that Iver Deniers are right. I aim to inform. Intuitively I’d expect them to be telling a story on Peru that is somehow incomplete; also would want to see them acknowledge Africa, India, Japan, Mexico.)

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