The Monoclonal Antibody treatments for covid are produced with fresh baby parts. Why is no one understanding this?

Hello? All these GOP “pro-life” politicos pushing the Monoclonals, how can you be so horrifically misinformed? How exactly do you think “Humanized Mice” get to be humanized? The antibodies these mice produce are suitable for treatment in humans precisely because the antibodies come from murdered humans. If you don’t understand how this works, here is a podcast where it is thoroughly explained:

You HAVE listened to and shared the “Human Fetus-ized Mice” Barnhardt Podcast episode, yes? Because it’s absolutely gruesome. The Pachamama must be fed with innocent human blood.

If the Pachamama demon and her hag-fag, Antipope Bergoglio, don’t get you with the DeathInjection, they will get you with the Monoclonal Antibody drugs. Spit in their foul faces.

Barnhardt Podcast #163. The Humanized Mice Episode.

October ARSH 2019, folks. Note the date well. It is ZERO coincidence.This entry was posted in Uncategorized on  by Ann Barnhardt.

4 thoughts on “The Monoclonal Antibody treatments for covid are produced with fresh baby parts. Why is no one understanding this?

  1. I will praise Almighty God the Holy Trinity as I suffer through covid (I’m assuming I’ve caught it, it seems like a “bad cold” and I’ve had worse.) while taking Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and a whole host of other substances to get well before I take that diabolical stuff.

    1. Hot tea made with slices of raw ginger, turmeric and a dash of apple cider vinegar is a nice remedy for the immune system. Local honey is what I’d recommend for a sweetener (stay away from white sugar). Jackfruit, a crazy looking fruit native to India and SE Asia I had to YouTube to figure out how to eat is LOADED with powerful antioxidants and has numerous benefits for the immune system. A friend told me once that God has provided a natural ingredient (i.e. herbs) for every type of ailment and I think that is absolutely true. He certainly didn’t will the horrors espoused by Dr. Mengele-Fauci and the other covidism angels of death.

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