The Grift Must Go On: US government buys 105 million more doses of pfizer vaxx for fall boosters, with option of 196 million more

by el gato malo Jun 30 at bad cattitude

say what you will about scott gottlieb and his mysterious mid-term abdication of the reins at the FDA (and its subsequent decent into corruption and disfunction) but never let it be said that pfizer did not get their money’s worth adding this guy to their board.

the news is entirely against them, efficacy is gone (if it ever existed), cases are blowing out, side effects are unprecedentedly rampant, and glen-gottlieb glen ross just sold the US government the rust undercoating “upgrade” on every vehicle their fleet. 3dRose Best Salesman Ever Fun Gift for Salesmen Job  Appreciation Two Tone Mug, 11oz, Blue : Home & Kitchen

you almost have to stand back and admire the size of the scam.

this stuff sells for $19.50 a pop. that’s a $2 billion order with an option for nearly $4 billion more.

the wages of sin may or may not be death, but whoo doggie, the wages of pushing dodgy pharma on the public by using a purloined federal purchasing process aided and abetted by complicit regulators, well those look pretty darn good don’t they?

no sad steak knives for this hombre.

scotty is definitely taking home the cadillac.

covid is for closers.

for those who do not get this meme, have i got a movie for you.

total classic.

4 thoughts on “The Grift Must Go On: US government buys 105 million more doses of pfizer vaxx for fall boosters, with option of 196 million more

  1. Fun fact: Alec Baldwin was originally offered one of the main roles in the film, but had a prior commitment (Prelude to A Kiss, I believe). When Prelude wrapped early, Baldwin called David Mamet to see if there was anything for him in Glengarry, which was already cast and in production. Mamet said “give me a few days”, went to his typewriter, and banged out the Downtown Blake from Mitch & Murray scene.

    That throw-in scene, a last minute favor for a friend, fuels the desperation that permeates the entire film. It’s impossible to imagine Glengarry Glen Ross without it.

  2. Why do I have the strong suspicion that Fauci does not have covid, nor was he ever jabbed.

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