Scarf Lady now says she always knew the vaccines wouldn’t work… now go get vaxxed and boosted, you filthy prole.

3 thoughts on “Scarf Lady now says she always knew the vaccines wouldn’t work… now go get vaxxed and boosted, you filthy prole.

  1. For fame and glory, money and entitlements, people with nor morals at all will say anything.
    They are willing to pay that price, that others die so they can have all the comforts.

    1. What’s worse is what “good people” have been doing.

      Think about your doctor. Yes. Yours. If your doctor still has his job, it’s because he approved of the DeathJab. He prescribed it. He administered it. He probably still administers it. So did his nurses. His office employees supported and billed for it.

      How many people has your doctor killed in order to keep his job? How many have yet to die? How many teens, children, toddlers has he sterilized and crippled?

      I will never trust a non-cancelled doctor again.

      1. This is mostly true for allopathic doctors, but not necessarily.
        Some have tried their best to hide under the radar and provide “Schindler” services.
        Other types of medical doctors including chiropractic, homeopathic, naturopathic, and traditional Chinese medicine doctors may not be tainted at all, and may have been actively discouraging vaccines – even before “COVID-19”.
        Try a Bible word and verse study on φαρμακεία (pharmakeia) and related words in context in the Greek Septuagint Old Testament and the New Testament.
        Here is one Protestant source:
        I apologise, but I do not know of any Catholic source that is as easy to use!
        Not all medical treatments are “pharmakeia”, yet most allopathic “pharmaceutical” drugs and vaccines are.
        Read up on how John D. Rockefeller, among others, tried to wipe out non-allopathic medical practitioners around a century ago.
        The allopathic medical system needs to collapse.

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